The Y'NEVANO Scholarship Book Award

Wali Collins, Founder and CEO of Y’NEVANO is originally from Springfield, Massachusetts. While working on being the best Architect New England has ever known, the calling for show business became too strong. After expressing this to his parents one day, his mother encouraged him to pursue his dream and simply said, "you never know." 

Those three simple words, "you never know," had become a mantra for Wali to pursue his dreams. He shortened the sentence to make it one word, Y’NEVANO.  With Y’NEVANO as his motivator, he’s a comedian, actor, drummer and author. His book, the Y’NEVANO Book of Encouragements is designed to inspire and motivate others to live a life of no regrets. 


With the understanding that it is important to give back, Y’NEVANO, Inc. has developed a scholarship program, directed, maintained and issued by his wife, Iralma Collins. It is awarded to one deserving Springfield public high school student, hoping it inspires, motivates and encourages him or her to live a life of no regrets.