• “What is that one thing you could do for hours? The thing you feel you were born to do. What is that particular something that when you are doing it, it brings you peace and a certain calmness? My question to you is why are you not doing it all the time? We are meant to live our lives doing what we love to do. Not what we are "supposed" to do. Just imagine getting paid for doing something you love.”

  • Don't take that one thing for granted. You may think of it as something or simple or silly but it's that one thing that puts you in a peaceful place. A place necessary for you to relax and connect with

  • There are folks out there that believe they don't have that one thing that calms them. But l say there always is something that you do that takes you away from it all. Brushing your teeth could be it. A shower or shaving. The point is that there's something that you do that puts in a place of chill. Take time to recognize them and then really enjoy your Zen time

#Borntodo #PeaceandCalmness #ThatoneThing #Imagine #Calmness

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