Ever look at fish in an aquarium? They just swim around with not much direction. Just content being where they are and accepting their surroundings. If you have not tried to go for any of your passions, dreams or desires, and believe that this is the best your life is going to be, you are one of those fish in that aquarium. Just moving around the earth aimlessly until you die.”

Sometimes our "comfort zone" is that aquarium. We mentally stay in an incased in a world knowing there's more to experience outside of that stupid aquarium. Is it fear that's stopping you from jumping out? Probably. Is it the fear of being in a new and unfamiliar world? Probably. Are you going to stay in your aquarium and only wish to live that life you dream of? Probably?

Ever look inside a fish aquarium and see the fish contently swimming around but then you notice that one fish swimming along the glass looking as if its trying to get out? That one fish knows in his little fish soul that there's more out there. He knows that that can't be all to its life. And you feel the urge to tell your new aquatic friend, yes there is a bigger world outside that glass cage. Well, I'm here to tell you yes there is a bigger world outside of your mental aquarium.

There are people who don't know that they are mentally living in an aquarium. They believe everything that is put before them. They're easy to trust without any questions. What a dangerous way to live. You have an imagination for a reason. It's there to tell you that there is more. So much more.

#Passion #Dreams #Desires #Aimless #ComfortZone #Fearisstoppingyou #Imagination #Thereissomuchmore

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