It's like getting a shot from a doctor. It may sting at first but whatever is inside that syringe it is designed to cure you from a particular ailment. At first the truth may be painful hearing it but in time you will benefit from its affirmations.

Being wrong is one thing but admitting that you're wrong takes so much more strength. It's like putting a splint on a broken leg. In most cases you have to rebreak the leg, realign the bone and then place the splint. You can imagine how painful that would be. But you know deep inside your heart it's for the better.

Sometimes we know the truth but we avoid it because we know how painful it will be acknowledging it. The longer you put it off, the more painful it will be when you finally let it come to the light.

It takes so much effort to lie. Because you have to remember what you said and how you said it. And then add a lie on top of the new lie to cover the first lie. It gets real embarrassing when someone finds a flaw in your lie. All that because you believe that the truth is too painful to bare. Listen, the truth may not be easy to say but it is a lot less complicated. And awkward.

#Affirmations #Admittingyouarewrong #AvoidingtheTruth #EfforttoLie

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