Bullies are people who can't handle your greatness. There's something about you that makes the bully uncomfortable. And just like with any great piece of work, it must be protected. Don't let anyone or anything tarnish your awesomeness.

There's a difference between Haters and Bullies. Bullies tend to inflict physical harm to your body. While Haters try to sabotage your mind. Both are damaging but the Haters can be more dangerous. They can affect how you think which can affect how you act upon your inspirations. In fact, they find peace and comfort if you didn't act on your inspirations at all.

Haters come in many disguises. There are the obvious Haters, work colleagues, teammates or acquaintances. But there are those who are closest to you that may not want you to succeed. Best friends, siblings even your parents. On a sub-conscious level it's uncomfortable for them to see you doing what they dream of and in an unaware state of mind will try to slow you down or even stop you from succeeding.

Are you a Hater? Are you wishing for someone you know to achieve their goals even it may result in them getting to a position in life you wish to be? Do you offer words of encouragement? If you see them about stumble on their journey, would you make them aware of it? If you answered "NO" to any of those questions, you may have traits of Hater-ism.

If you ever encounter a bully or a hater, it only means they you have something special. It means that your light is so bright that it makes others cower and it's too much for them to handle. So they need to figure out a way to "dim" your light. Be it physically or mentally. So now understand when you're experiencing a hater or bully, know that you're doing something right. Protect your little light. And build it to a roaring flame.

#YourGreatness #Awesomeness #Success #AreyouaHater #WordsofEncouragement

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