"Actually, there is no such thing as “Beginner’s Luck.” The reason why those people win is because they are so focused on the end result. WINNING. Nothing else. That is the purest form of focus anyone can ask for.”

  • Focus is key. Keep your mind on that prize. Don’t fall victim of distractions. All you think about is result of the task at hand.

  • It is a fact that it is harder to lose than to win. We have been conditioned to focusing on not missing the shot rather knowing that the basketball will go through the hoop. Have ever notice when your in the "groove" things feel effortless? It's because your not worried about anything. It literally takes more energy to not succeed than to succeed it.

  • Try to look at every challenge as if it's a first time experience. Go at it with a fresh attitude. Be optimistic that you will succeed. Stay in a light hearted state of mind. Don’t let the challenge take you away from the peaceful place you were before the challenge appeared.

  • A Myth is defined as a false belief or idea. People who excel at anything on their first try can only be explained as beginner's luck. But deep down inside we know there's something to that. And it's easier to call it luck. Those first timers succeed at the task at hand because it's the purest form of focus anyone could have. Thoughts aren't cluttered with obstacles of doubt or uncertainties.

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