Why do we wait for something "big" to happen in order to celebrate?

If you keep that up, you are going to miss out on great opportunities to celebrate. Celebrate that you are alive. Celebrate the fact that it is just an ordinary day. Celebrate your enemies. Celebrate celebrating. When I say celebrate, I mean really do it up. I’m talking black tie, gown, champagne, music, friends and family. Celebrating is fun and so necessary to keep our lives exciting.”

No where in the definition of celebrate are the words sad or depressing or gloom. Celebrating always represents happy good times. And it doesn't take much imagination to find a reason to celebrate. Celebrate yesterday, today or tomorrow. No matter what you decide, celebrating can put you in a very happy place of mind.

Celebrating doesn't mean you have to get all dressed up and making it a night out on the town. Not at all. Celebrating can be enjoying a song, or simply throwing your hands in the air or doing absolutely nothing but just quietly celebrating your celebration.

People celebrate and don't even realize they're celebrating. Laughing is a celebration. Finishing a meal is a celebration. Reaching their destination on a short drive to the store is a celebration. Life is a celebration.

Believe it or not, but this your time to celebrate. You're here, alive and doing the best you can with what you have. Remember those times when "it couldn't get any worse"? But somehow you made it through. Celebrate that you did. And celebrate the fact that you will get through the next one.

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