What is that one thing you could do for hours and share with the rest of the world? Doesn't it bother you seeing someone doing what you know you can do better and seeing them getting all the praise? You better go out there and get what is rightfully yours.

Hypothetical: You and another person step up to a door to a building, you decide to hold the door for them. They say thank you and you get that good deed fuzzy feeling. Surprise to you, that person you held the door for works at the place you are going. They recognize you and hook you up with a discount. Could happen.

Has anyone ever confided in you? Trusted you with a secret. Or has someone ever unloaded their emotions on you knowing that you understood their situation? If you weren't there for them, who knows what they would've done. If not for you, who?

Think of a world if Nelson Mandela didn't stand up to apartheid. Or if William Shakespeare decided not to write his first play. Or if mother Teresa didn't open her heart to those in need. But these people didn't and they changed the world. Yes, you have the power to change the world. No matter how small you may think it is, it will make a difference in someone's life. And that makes world of difference. If not you, than who?

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